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I dedicate this blog to all those who ask us all the time "What does a vegan/vegetarian eat?" ....
This is it, the food on my plate !

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Monday, February 7, 2011

A quickie for lunch ...

This is was the quickest of quickies in the history of quickies. I had left over chili that my kind friend and most excellent neighbor Ms. Cielo gifted us. I added extra Quorn crumbles to make even heartier. Heated flour tortillas, baby spinach layer first, then added the chili on top. Lastly, slices of tomato and avocado sprinkled with sea salt. DONE! So easy and so tasty and healthy, what could be better?
Thanks, Ms. Cielo!


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  1. Hey there! I think your blog is fabulous. I am not vegan, though I do eat a lot of vegan foods, and I thought that you might want to know that Quorn has rehydrated egg whites in it (as well as fungi protein). Not saying it's bad for you, just thought you might want to know that it is vegetarian, but not vegan.


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